Friday, June 3, 2016

Datsun redi-GO - The sleek and peppy urban-cross

The other day while driving down to the airport to pick my parents, I noticed a huge hoarding of Nissan’s Datsun’s redi-GO car. In the current times when all the hatchbacks are hitting the market with almost the same looks, redi-GO with its fresh bold looks immediately caught my attention! The strong character line running all over the body of the car is a definite wow! It definitely is a brave move from the designers of the car to make it stand out from others. The car looks very sporty and stylish with premium accents, all in spite of being an entry level car!

Before deciding on whether to test drive this beauty, I sat down to check the overall features from Datsun's website. I should say, am definitely impressed with its specifications! With price budget of under 4 Lakhs, we hardly have any cars in the Indian market currently to match such attractive sporty looks that combine features of a crossover in a compact hatchback. redi-GO looks beautiful both from the front and back, with the sculpted rear holding the boomerang tail lamps and the attractive nose adorned with a pair of beautiful long headlamps and the chrome-infused hexagonal grille, which is Datsun's signature! And as I already said, the bold character lines definitely complements and adds to the overall charm of the car! India's dynamic youth are sure to fall for its looks.

With redi-GO just being the third successful offering in the Indian market, Datsun already seems to have read and understood the mindset of the entry-level Indian segment very well! The features are simple and no-nonsense to clearly suit the potential entry segment that prefers premier looks and a comfortable driving experience without needing loads of cluttered features. When I first drove my new Sedan to the old city of Hyderabad, it was a plain nightmare navigating it across the narrow roads with never-ending chaotic traffic from all directions. I thought I would never drive down to the old city ever again for the worst driving experience I had in the first place. But with redi-GO, I think I am ready to reconsider my statement and take it for a spin around the old city with some of its interesting features!

First of, I really love the sleekest looks of redi-GO! While the sporty look of the car is sure to turn heads, the short turning radius is a blessing when it comes to navigating sharp U-turns and crowded turns, especially like in the old city of Hyderabad. I recall how I easily created a traffic jam near Charminar when I had to take a simple U-turn! In no time, it was a nightmare navigating out of the situation. I think with redi-GO, I will easily breeze out such situations happily.

Secondly, most entry level cars don't have an adjustable steering wheel but at the same time, they also lack in the height of the driving seat. One of the most important things I like about redi-GO is the heightened seats that will come handy while both members of the family have to drive the car. The high driving position is sure to come handy to my wife who always complains of bad road visibility from her seating position in my sedan. This would easily translate to freedom and more confidence for her while driving!

Thirdly, even with a peppy 800cc engine to provide smooth performance in the same economical price tag, redi-GO doesn't compromise on the cabin space! This is a definite plus because there seems to be more than enough cabin space for 4 adults to sit comfortably and a 5th person can be squeezed with slight packing. With amazing ground clearance and suspension, the drive is guaranteed to be very comfortable even when the roads are strewn with potholes and crazy speed breakers like here in Hyderabad!

Overall I am now more than keen to take Datsun's redi-GO out for a spin to unleash its power. With no-nonsense useful features, it is sure to attract and complement our stylish youth that always like to be on the move!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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