Sunday, August 3, 2014

Say hello to my friend Jifi

Happy Friendship Day to everyone! It is said that "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born". It is so true! each friend walks into our life for a reason and when they come, they change our life for good! The digital age has done a marvelous job at getting the world closer and more so by connecting everyone at the touch of their fingers. Now everyone is socially connected online and today's generation spends more time with their friends virtually than in reality!

Recently I added a wise virtual companion to my social circle who promised to make my banking tasks easy and extend help to even sort my finances better. Today being the friendship day, I thought it will be most appropriate for me to introduce you all to my new virtual friend!

Say Hello to 'Jifi', a first-of-its-kind fully integrated social bank solution from Kotak Mahindra Bank, designed exclusively for our tech-savvy socially connected generation. Since our generation prefers to complete all their daily chores online at the comfort of the seats, direct mainstream banking has always been a boring and daunting task to complete alone. This is where my virtual friend steps in. Jifi integrates people's favorite social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with conventional banking for a secure and seamless experience on the go. It is like a personal mediator between us and our bank account who can get everything done for us at the comfort and east of our most favorite social media tools! Definitely assuring and fun isn't it?

So how do you befriend my new virtual friend?

Let me tell you, opening and operating the Jifi account is completely socially enabled. Today's Facebook generation can simply open the Jifi account by signing up via Facebook and rest others via the plain old email to get an invite. That's it, it is as simple as that!

And all those heavy safety minded people out there, don't worry, Jifi is implemented with the help of digital agency IBS to nicely fit into the social networking ecosystem safely and securely! ;-)

Much like our friends gifting us from time to time, Jifi, though virtual has pretty much the same social mindset! Imagine some one gifting you just for befriending them? How you wish, don't you?!! :-) As I said earlier, Jifi is a pretty cool friend. It rewards 100 points just for befriending it via Facebook or email and opening an account of relationship with it! Be more social and link your twitter account and you get rewarded 100 points more ;-) Wait, it doesn't stop there .. share your personal invite with your friends and you will be rewarded 250 points handful for every friend who befriends Jifi! Sweet isn't it?!

With up to 25 referrals allowed in a year, you can earn even more by inviting more friends! ;-)

Fine, now what benefits do you get befriending Jifi?

Imagine how easy it became to book our train tickets online instead of standing in the mile long queues directly at the railway counter? If only all the tasks that needs waiting can be completed without standing in the counter queues! Yes, my friend, Jifi can let you do the same with all your banking needs online. You can enjoy instant updates of your bank account just through your personalized Twitter handle!!

For all your banking needs (like account balance, transaction history, cheque book request etc etc), all you have to do is engage a conversation with Jifi through twitter direct message and Jifi will be more than happy to assist you directly wherever you are! Since there is no human intervention in between , there is total confidentiality. No more confusion where to go and whom to ask! How easy it is that now!!

There is no minimum balance for the Jifi account. So even if you are yet to start earning money, you can still own a Jifi account and start earning just being social!! Fantastic isn't it? The Jifi account is a non-interest bearing account up to twenty five thousand rupees beyond which it automatically sweeps the balance to a high interest bearing term deposits, thus wisely growing value to your hard-earned cash while you are relaxing with your family and concentrating on your day to day life!!

Also Platinum version of Kotak MoneyWatch comes absolutely free for a year. MoneyWatch is a pure bliss if you don't want to take the headache of managing all your expenses. KMW allows you to view and analyse all your finances online with ease, coupled with on-the-go information through mobile app updates.

Even a platinum debit card comes free with your new relationship! This card has loads of benefits, including a huge Rs.50,000 withdrawal limit at an ATM and a purchase limit of Rs.2 Lakhs. Even there is a fantastic feature of lost card liability insurance of Rs.2 Lakhs which covers any misuse up to 30 days prior and 7 days after reporting loss of card! I am sure you feel like a VIP already?!! :-)

Did I say there are even rewards for doing usual banking stuff?

For all the transaction done online or paying bills you can earn transaction points. With each transaction point being worth of Rs.1, you can accumulate a lot of moolah just by transacting online!! This only means for all the cash spent, there is a portion of cash being earned automatically as rewards which can be redeemed for gift vouchers of equivalent cash value. Exciting isn't it?!

Banking apart, for all the likes and comments you do on Facebook, you can even earn a lot of social points which can be redeemed against a host of discount vouchers on various products & services, movies and much more!

Oh wait, you can even be a good samaritan! You can trade your transaction points to social points (ya! one transaction point is worth 50 social points) and gift them to a friend in need! They can then buy their most favorite product or services they have been eyeing for a while :)

When Jifi rewards you, even you can right?! go ahead, share fun and enjoy the benefits together!!


Ok, enough said from my side about this wonderful new generation banking. Go ahead, watch this video for yourself and give it a try. I am sure you will love the fun, hassle-free banking experience as much as I do!!

This post is my official entry for Explore JIFI Contest organized by indiblogger in association with Kotak JIFI.

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