Saturday, November 29, 2014

Speak out, when and where it matters!

"Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth." 
~ William Faulkner

With this meaningful quote, I would like to introduce my readers to this new campaign by Strepsils called "AbMontuBolega". This campaign resonates the importance of "Voicing Out" our opinion when and where it matters! Yes, we have all read "Silence is golden" but that is not always true. Words that are not spoken loud at the right moment totally loses its worth whereas the right words spoken at the right moment is as beautiful as gold apples in a silver bowl! This campaign motivates people to open up and speak out loud against injustice done to them or to the society around them! Watch this video for starters.

We Indians are sadly trained for tolerance knowingly or unknowingly! We tolerate people urinating in our compound wall, someone drinking and making ruckus in the neighborhood. We don't take a single word against that rowdy collecting money illegally from the poor farmer selling vegetables or trying to molest a girl in the public etc etc. We have always been silent spectators! We like to just 'circle around and watch' things as they unravel. Why? We fear 'them', we don't want to mess with 'them', we are just common public, we don't have time and energy to fight them! Our system has been like this for ages now. Nobody wants a change and people who didn't want this change to happen in our society have already taken this to their advantage!

If we need to blame someone for this situation, it is us and our wrongly developed tolerance for the injustice happening to us, right in front of our eyes. Why do we want that special 'someone' with superpowers to appear from somewhere and fight for us while we happily sit inside our air-conditioned house and continue to blame our system comfortably? Why are we still driven by the ideologies that our movies feeds us? Why don't we realize the reality is very different?

Well unlike movies where there is a Hero like robin-hood who suddenly raise into power, fight against injustice and free public from their problems, in reality everyone needs to be a hero who voices against injustice and work together for a change that they want to see in the society! With the kind of rigid system we have already developed, this change is not possible until everyone makes their first move towards it before expecting others to cooperate and follow.

Tomorrow when you notice someone littering the road, feel free to make them realize it is wrong and show them the direction towards the dust-bin! If you notice someone smoking in the public, make them realize none of the others are wishing to die of cancer. If you notice someone sexually abusing someone, try to stand out and fight against it. Boldly say NO to child labor and deny drinking tea from the tea stall or taking food from the hotel that employs child labor. Follow the traffic rules and make sure not to tolerate anyone who is trying to break the rules. Feel free to voice out your opinion when you know you are right! Let the public notice you. May you appear odd man out but don't feel shy about it. Remember heroes in the movie don't stand in the crowd and speak, they always take their first step out for them to be noticed as a "Hero"!
So stand out and voice out like a Hero. The right time is here, waiting and complaining will not take us anywhere near the change we all dream about! Visit for more information about this campaign (#AbMontuBolega) and make sure to join them on Facebook and Twitter to voice out your opinion and most importantly BE HEARD!

PS: This post was written as part of IndiBogger Happy Hours campaign - The Power of Voice to Clean India.

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