Wednesday, December 31, 2014

No Stubble, No Trouble!

In the down south of Tamil Nadu, it is considered a matter of pride to grow facial hair! For a man it is supposedly a measure of his masculinity. It is very rare to spot a man with a clean shaven face. Big mustache with a stubble is how people prefer to sport their look!

This blog post is about a fun little college time love story of a dude who flopped in the game of love, just for simply missing a point ;-)

So this dude from down south, whom we nicknamed 'romeo' was sincerely after this girl who was from Delhi. Like 'Spot the ten differences' column that appears in the news paper everyday, one could easily spot ten differences between them both. First of all this guy with his dark complexion was like an opposite pole to that girl with her 'fair' complexion. Not that dark complexion is any bad, but just there was no match there!! Next coming from down south he had absolutely no 'abc' knowledge of Hindi to pataofy her! But was that any problem for him? Absolutely not! Why? It doesn't require any language to keep staring at someone right? :) Well that was his great saga of love story until one day he finally decided to approach her directly and ask that question he dreaded!

'Will you join me for a cup of coffee'? .. bang came the reply 'NO' ..
Boy, was he dejected? NO! .. after a few days .. again in the cafeteria ..
'Can I buy you a cup of coffee, please'? 'REJECTED' ..
Did he give up! Nooo ... Of course he had his confidence! Why not? He was a good guy and pretty good in his studies too! So the chasing didn't end there just the staring continued ...

An year passed, another bold and desperate attempt in the cafeteria expecting the usual reply ..
Dude: 'Can I take you out on a date'? .. with a long pause '... Please Please !!' ..
Guess what would've been the reply!?!
Her: 'Oh ...' with a long pause ... 'not with a devdas who is already going through a love failure !!'
Dude: WHAT !@#$%

Well .. if only he cared for his clean shaven looks like he cared for simply staring at her! His bushy mustache and the stubby face totally damaged his impression!!


And the boys in the hostel had just one piece of advise for him ...

"Boss, if you want to 'patofy' a girl, Go get a Gillette before you tell it!! ;-)"

"This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette"

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