Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Opportunity favors the well groomed!

Every artist is looking for an opportunity to showcase their skills and get appreciated in return. As a photographer, even I am always in the lookout for such golden opportunities. A few years ago I saw a photography contest advertised in the newspaper for which the winner would get to work on a project involving high profile people at a National platform. There is nothing like getting an exposure at National level. So without further thinking, I submitted my images for the contest and hoped for the best!

The contest apparently had two stages. In the initial screening round, a group of senior photographers with great experience in the field would scan through all the submitted images and select a bunch of photographers. Next is the live portfolio review round, upon winning which the photographer will get the dream project to work on. First of all, since this was a competition at National level, I knew there will be entries from very senior photographers in the field. So, for a person with limited experience, I can only submit and hope for the best.

The day came when the organizers announced the name of the photographers who got selected in the initial screening round. I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw my name in that list. My happiness found no bounds and from that very moment I couldn't just wait for the next round when I would be called for the live portfolio review. Couple of days later, I even got an invite  too for the live meeting!

As a photographer I always cared for my subjects in front of my camera to be at the very best while photographing them. Proper lighting, expression, their makeup, hairdo and personality as a whole. But never bothered about myself while always standing behind the camera. Without my own conscience, unkempt hair, long mustache and dry stubble had literally become my identity over time. For the live discussion, I had brought my best of the best images to showcase my portfolio in good light. As hoped, discussion went very well with the panel of judges and they were impressed. I walked out of the room as a happy person, hoping for the best. Later outside I met one of the judges who told me, 'If only you cared for your looks and portrayed yourself like those wonderful photographs of your's. You see, we were looking for a winner in a person with great personality!'.

I got the meaning clearly. His lines had that tinge of poison which I didn't want to take. But I had to, that time, without any choice! That was a great lesson for me that it is not just the subject in front of the camera that matters but to take myself to greater heights, I need to mind the personality of the subject (which is me!) working hard behind that same camera!

OH BOY, Wouldn't I sport a clean well groomed looks henceforth? YOU BET!

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