Saturday, January 31, 2015

All set to Get Set Bolt!

As I entered the Forum Sujana Mall in Hyderabad, I was greeted by a charming red BOLT shining from top to bottom like a new bride in her favorite red dress standing under the spotlight! Undeniably attracted by the sporty beauty, I headed directly to the arena where it was parked. "Hello Sir, Welcome to the BOLT arena" said the man standing next to the car in a very welcoming tone. "Would you be interested in seeing this new car sir? It's a new hatchback from Tata motors!" he exclaimed. Without doubts "Of course!!" I replied ..

This is a blog post about my observations from the short demo sans driving of the Tata BOLT car (Petrol variant) in the mall.

Since someone was already checking out the car sitting in the front seat, I opted to sit in the rear seat to check out the space and comfort provided for non-drivers first. "Impressive!" I thought to myself. Though a hatchback, I found a lot of space in the rear seat to comfortably seat 3 people. Such a trend setter in the segment! Even the headroom was quite good for a tall person like me.

But beyond this I was impressed by the legroom offered to the passengers seated at the rear seat. Also by scooping out rear of the front seats, they have actually provided more knee-room to the passengers. This is a careful consideration and a welcome change, as more often than not people seated in the rear seat of a hatchback are forced to go through the painful affair of squeezing in their knees to accommodate the limited space!

Next came my turn to sit in the front seat to experience its features. As soon as I sat on the driver's seat, I could immediately feel the comfort and snug that those seats provided. Demo engineer immediately adjusted the seat to accommodate my height as the previous person raised it for him being short. Steering wheel was easily adjustable too!

Interior felt quite sportive and attractive with the color scheme of black, chrome and silver, perfectly complementing the sexy external looks. "Sir, start the ignition" said the demo engineer. With sexy revving of the Revotron engine, it started smoothly! While I was still admiring the roar, he said "Sir, try the steering". Oh boy, that electric power steering with amazing grip was silky smooth and a pleasure to handle!!

Demo engineer went on to explain some of the features of the car. Boy, was I impressed? WITHOUT doubts!! Now let me tell you the ones I was impressed by the most, of course including and beyond the point about comfort and space of the car that impressed me first!

Gone are those days when one had to depend on servicing engineers to get the car tuned for speed or performance. Yes, Bolt with its multi-drive modes is unique and very impressive for its segment! By default the car is set to "City" mode to strike a balance between speed and performance. But when in need for speed, could just press the "Sport" mode to get the burst of power to zoom or for that mileage fanatic mood there is "Eco" mode. Whatever be the case, all these cool modes are just a button press away!

Next notable thing is the paramount importance given for passenger safety!  Apart from ABS with EBD and corner stability control, Bolt features dual front airbags to protect the driver and co-passenger in case of frontal collision. Definitely a well thought about feature that is great to have in this segment of cars!!

I couldn't believe when the demo engineer said the car is powered by a 1.2L turbocharged Revotron engine. Performance for a 1.2L engine to generate 84bhp at 5,000rpm is quite impressive!! Though I couldn't get to take out the car on a drive, the figures on paper are quite impressive. I've already booked my test drive. With such figures, I am sure it will be be a powerful driving experience!

Another impressive feature is the new touchscreen infotainment system that looks very trendy. Of course it is built by Harman! It should be. I tried pairing my mobile phone with Bluetooth and it was a piece of cake. I could then browse my phone contacts and play music directly from the touchscreen!!

Media control buttons on the steering wheel made it even more easy and the buttons to control my phone was also impressive. I was totally taken aback when the demo engineer controlled the system through voice commands! It recognized Indian accents so clearly and acted very promptly. I couldn't believe when I was able to control literally everything through voice commands. It is definitely revolutionary and a big plus for this segment!

Last but not the least it is impressive to have in-built GPS based navigation system in this segment. Yes, Tata motors in partnership with MapmyIndia has come-up with a Navigation app specially coded for integration between the user’s smartphone and the dashboard screen. So good-bye spending on 3G internet service to navigate through places and say hello to GPS based integration to explore your city!! Now that's definitely a welcome change indeed :)

Now tell me! With such power packed features who wouldn't get impressed and wanna Get. Set. Bolt?! Already I am excited and all set, what about you?! :)

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