Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hello there, litterbug!

Long long ago, so long ago, nobody knows how long ago, our litterbug hero was not so great. He was just a little kid. His parents were taking him out on a walk. After walking a little distance, suddenly our little hero felt the urgent rush to pee. After all the weather was cold. So the poor little thing wanted to return back home. But his lazy parents convinced him that he is only a little kid and he could just pee on the roadside [well well .. they really did not want to walk back all the way]. So he did. While doing, he even saw few grownup uncles sharing the same wall, for the same purpose and realized it was absolutely normal to do so!! Kids do grab things quickly you see!

After a few years, our litterbug grew up a bit and his family was going out for a vacation. It was his first train journey and he was super excited. When he entered the train, he saw it was littered with peanut shells. Curiously he asked his mom, "Why they don't keep the train clean like their house"? His mom replied, "Beta, it's too big no, they cannot clean it everyday!". He immediately registered that train cannot be cleaned as often and hence it will be dirty. Later his mom opened their food package and everyone had a nice nice food. Later she just parceled all the garbage together and without any thought just threw it out of the train's window. Our young litterbug was worried now. He asked his mom, "Why you didn't put it in the dustbin like in our house?", "What happens if it falls on someone else's house?". His mom immediately shut his mouth saying "Since trains are moving all the time, they don't have dustbins like our house" and "So what if it falls on someone else's house? they will clean it anyway no! You keep quiet!". What to do, our young litterbug immediately registered in his mind that perhaps this is the way it should be done! Oh boy .. !!

Later one day our young litterbug noticed his mom complaining and frantically cleaning their compound wall. He was curious why! So he asked his mom "Is there any festival coming? Why are you cleaning the compound walls?". "No festival beta, someone spray painted our wall full of pan stains" replied his mom. "But then papa also does the same no?" he asked. "Shut up! he doesn't spoil OUR compound wall like this. This is some other moron!" replied the mom. Oh so .. spitting on someone else's wall is acceptable thought our litterbug!

Another day, during his school outing to a local monument in the city, our teen litterbug noticed a few uncles scratching on the monument walls. Drawing some heart heart thing and writing their names. Our curious little teen asked those uncles what they were doing? Those local romeos replied "Bacche, you won't understand now! We are writing our name with our girl friend's name on the wall and heart means LOVE!!". Our teen litterbug was confused! He immediately asked "But why are you writing here?". Those kids drove our teenager away saying, "that's how it is done and in the future it will stand as a symbol of their true love!!". Though completely confused, he just registered that thought in his mind!

Many years later, while walking on the road, he noticed the lazy next door aunty dumping the trash outside the trash can which was overflowing. Our litterbug didn't understand why! But then aunty said, "It's ok beta, the cleaner will clean it anyway!". "Oh ok" thought our litterbug.

Later that day he even noticed a educated looking, stylish, business man in his rich rich car throw a cigarette pack out of his window but wait, our litterbug is now grown and is smart. He already knows, moving car cannot have a dustbin and so it was absolutely fine to throw the garbage out! Smartly matching the patterns no?

Finally our little litterbug is a well grownup adult now. He knows all the social values properly. He is sure to handle our society at ease! Now watch our grownup litterbug in action in this video!! Doesn't he strictly adhere to all the social values taught by his family and society!!? In case you doubt, HE IS ..

Wait, don't complain him. He is innocent. He was only taught and brought up like that!! Without any forethought he thinks that is the right way to do. You know whom to blame now!!

Check out more such interesting people and stories of them at the Great Indian Litterbug campaign by Times of India! If you know of a great Indian litterbug in your locality, do share a thought there!

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