Sunday, January 25, 2015

Indian Streets - Of Colors and Action!

For this Sankranthi festival, I took my newly acquired Sony Alpha 5100 mirrorless camera for a test shoot. I randomly went to the countryside in the outskirts of Hyderabad to shoot the festivities and action. Here are some of the photographs I shot using the camera. This post is not a review about the camera rather a show of colors, action and festivities from the Indian streets! Click on the individual photographs to view them Large.

When I set out very early in the morning, it was very cold. People gathered around bonfire to keep themselves warm in the last leg of winter!

As I drove further, came across this beautiful scene of sunrise and people standing around bonfire. A nice combination of cold and warm colors.

This little girl enjoyed herself throwing agricultural waste into the bonfire to keep her family warm.

Typical early morning scene on the Indian streets. Drawing Rangoli is part of our culture.

People soaking in the golden light!

Women making colorful Rangoli for Sankranthi Celebrations ...

Indian streets are filled with interesting action and characters!

A small kid posing in front of his house :)

Rangolis are drawn with rice powder and they do serve a purpose!

Curios young boy!

Hope you like this blog post! :)


  1. amazing pics!! totally enjoyed seeing them,,

    1. Thanks much! Glad you enjoyed seeing them :)

  2. nice pics, I like the vivid colors. thanks for sharing


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