Saturday, January 31, 2015

Monster Martians vs Neem Ninjas!

I still recollect that horrific day ...  when the mirror turned my terror reflecting those dreadful monsters from the red planet waging a personal war of enmity against me, poor teen earthling!!

As a teen boy with boiling blood and raw energy, I immediately proclaimed war in return against those martian monsters without having any idea about their strength and secret dealings with earthly bacteria warriors! War started and I crushed & beheaded one of their red-dwarf warriors in no time to show my power. Boy, least did I know those martians rise back to life like a phoenix!

Very next day, another angry-red-faced martian greeted me with a war siren - 'You beheaded one of our warriors yesterday and now in return we attack you with all our power and support from your own earthly bacteria warriors. Do whatever you can!'. When it comes to aggression, I am not any less. This time the war turned quite serious. I successfully beheaded more of their warriors to teach them a lesson once for all and went about doing my work, without realizing the war was not about to end anytime soon!

As days went by, more angry warriors sprouted out of nowhere and started attacking me mercilessly! Soon they left my face lifeless like a battle zone. I then realized how I underestimated the power of those martian warriors. I turned to my parents for help to address the situation in hand. Having faced such martians in the past they had few remedies in hand. But they seriously warned me against my aggression and asked me to ignore those martian war cries. Something very hard to digest as a raging teenager!

By then those scars from my martian battle left my face ugly. I was reluctant to even go out and play with my friends. Meeting relatives was not an option. I felt depressed. Whomever I met by chance also had an easy topic to discuss and that would ruin my mood instantly. In all, complete shyness and sadness unfolded in front of me. Not at all easy to handle at that age.

Granny suggested seeking help from Citrus king Lemon. With support from Lemon king on my side, I answered the martian war cry with citrus power! It was an effective attack. Few martians perished beyond revival. But soon they got adopted. After sometime they grew strong to citrus power sadly. Later it was the support from the kingdom of yogurt that gave me some relief. But not for long! Then garlic soldiers joined forces with curd to help me fight those martians. Again the same story repeated and my sadness continued for a long long time.

After many years, one fine day I read a secret book and came to know about Neem ninjas from Garnier Kingdom. It was a great news for me when I heard Neem ninjas have their personal enmity with bacteria warriors over generations! After all enemy's enemy is a good friend! With strong support from Garnier's Pure Active Neem ninjas I attacked the martian warriors again. Voila, Neem team effortlessly collapsed the support bacterial warriors were providing to martian warriors for years. This was a turning point of my life! Though this war went on for some time I could evidently see the martians loosing the battle slowly and steadily!

Over a period of time engaging the powerful Neem ninjas, I have successfully won my battle against those dirty little martians. I am totally indebted to Neem ninjas all my life for restoring my smooth face and putting the confidence back on it!! Now where is the camera? bring on those selfies :)

I know, I am not the only one who fought the personal war against those angry martians. If you are being personally attacked by them, be at peace and do yourself a favor by taking help from the Garnier kingdom!! Their specially trained pure active neem ninjas combined with their magical powers acquired from tree tea oil extracts, they effectively fight the martians and free yourself from trouble in a short period of time!

If you are interested to team-up with Neem ninjas in your fight against monster martians, quickly head to these pages from their secret book here ( and here (

PS: I have impersonated angry red faced pimples as Martians (imaginary people from red planet Mars) in my post to build a story!

This blog post is written for IndiBlogger topic 'Garnier Pure Active Neem'.

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