Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ready to dare and win the date!

Valentine's day is just around the corner and the restless days are on to plan and make it as special as possible! But hey did you notice already? this year's valentine's day is on a Saturday, which means one could be together for the whole weekend! BIG isn't it? so without doubts one has to walk that extra mile to plan and make things simply extra special! And when I came across this prompt "If you had to propose to your crush on Valentine's day how would you do it?" for close-up cupid games initiative, I thought I would definitely share my dreamy idea here!

To start with, the bonus in my case is we have a lot of common friends and many of them already have a slight clue about my 'special' interest towards her :-) Also, since this year's valentine's day is conveniently falling over the weekend, I would simply plan a weekend trip to Goa with all of them! Boy, do I know already she loves Goa and the beaches?!! ;-)

Saturday morning would be all about prepping her indirectly through brilliant clues leading to a fantastic evening! Starting with a fortune cookie delivered exclusively for her by a cute little pup [yup yup I know she loves dogs!! ;)] with message "This evening is going to be extra special to you!". And for the evening, I would arrange a beach-side barbecue party exclusively for us friends at one of her favorite beaches! Sssh.. secret .. I collected that info from her best friend already! ;-)

Cold winter evening, star studded sky, moon peeping from behind the clouds, silent waves slowly touching the shore, live guitar music mildly playing in the background, warm bonfire and all of us sitting around it! Well .. how does it all sound? Yes, that would be my chosen setting for the evening at that secluded beach! Nothing is better than starting things in a regular-casual way. Of course, no fun making anyone nervous straight away right? I would let the evening progress on its own sweet pace - cracking jokes, making fun, preparing great bbq food with amazing drinks to accompany!

When the tempo is high and everyone is at great mood enjoying the evening, I will have the musicians play her favorite tunes one after the other! Then at one point I will grab a guitar, walk straight up to her looking at her eyes, playing her most favorite tune (Yes, yes, it all takes a lot of groundwork to know things, you see!) and then kneel down in front of her to ask those few precious words that matter the most - 'Will you be my Valentine!!' :-)

Given such a brilliant setting and mood, I am sure things will work out in my favor!! Oh wait, wait, now that's not the end of things there! If she accepts my proposal, which I am sure she will, I will hold her hands and slowly walk her up to a separate table a little distance away for a brilliant beach-side candle light dinner setup exclusively for the two of us!! Finally not to miss the flight over the beach with glowing letters that reads "Oh girl, he loves you so much!!" :-)

Don't you think that would make things complete for a fantastic valentine's night together?? I am sure it will !!! :-)

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