Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If my life is BefikarUmarBhar!

If there is one quote that perfectly reflect my mindset at any given point, then it is this one by Saint Augustine. I always think this life is too precious to be spent at one place, tied up strongly between four walls of the house, a corner cubicle at work and known set of people. It is not meant to be tortured only by the maniacal urge only to earn more and just settle down with huge debt. This life is meant to be set free. Free of tension and worries that strangle our neck everyday like an invisible pair of devilish hands. One should feel free to dream big and set a lot of Bucket List. Travel far and wide. Experience cultures, meet different kinds of people and fill our minds with beautiful experiences and warm stories that make us feel at the end - YES, I lived a life that is definitely worthwhile! I know this is very subjective. For some, buying a costly flat, a luxury car, paying all that hefty debt and settling down comfortably is all that makes their life meaningful. But such people should make a very careful planning so that their life does not end with an empty bucket list, rather a bucket load of tension!

That said, when I came across this topic about the top 5 things on my Bucket List that I would do if I were #BefikarUmarBhar, I thought of jotting down my top 5 Bucket List items in this blog post. Whether or not I get to complete all of them in my lifetime, even If I manage to complete a few of them in parts, I would definitely consider my life worthwhile! So the grand list goes like this ...

1. Summiting Seven Summits - This first one is for my crazy love for trekking and to quench my thirst to stand on top of the highest point each time to experience that 'top of the world' feeling! This would mean climbing Aconcagua in South America, Everest in Asia, McKinley in North America, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Vinson in Antarctica and Kosciuszko in Australia! Undeniably a grand list to complete in this lifetime!

2. Visiting architectural wonders of the world -  This is to satisfy the insatiable traveler in me. Each wonder of the world depicts unique culture and history of the part of the world it belongs to. That way, I would like to visit Great Wall of China in China, Petra in Jordan, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Machu Picchu in Brazil, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Colosseum in Italy, Taj Mahal (this of course I've checked off my bucket list) and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt!

Beauty built on LOVE ❤

3. Visiting all natural wonders of the world - This is to satisfy the photographer in me and for my infinite love towards Nature! Being a product of Nature, if we don't see and appreciate the natural beauty of this world, it is a life lead meaningless. For this, I would want to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, scale Mount Everest in Nepal; which will be inevitably covered with my first bucket list, Grand Canyon in USA (I managed to check this off my bucket list already), the mesmerizing Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, watching the spectacular Auroral display in Antarctica, have a swim at Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls and the majestic cornfield ParĂ­cutin volcano in Mexico. Sounds fascinating isn't it?

4. Try adventure sports that involves jumping - This is to satisfy the adrenaline junkie that I am. Even though standing atop a summit gives me the adrenaline kick, there are few other adventure sports that involves jumping from the top to push the adrenaline rush to next level! Having tried simple paragliding by jumping off a cliff in Himalayas, I so want to try my hands on winged suite base jumping off a Himalayan peak and Bungee jumping in Grand Canyon!

5. Backpack across India - Last but not the least this one is totally for my love being Indian! I so want to backpack and travel length & breadth of this country to experience its diverse landscape, people, culture, our roots, food, celebrations and everything that is so unique about this country!

Nacho Gao Rang Udao ...

I understand reality is different and often pressing. But thankfully I am different and I am willing to face it. I strongly aspire to fulfill my bucket list as and when my life permits. For, I love to plan and dare to dream big, big enough to push myself from my comfort zone and experience the unknown!

So are you ready to live your life #BefikarUmarBhar? Do check out this video ...

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