Saturday, February 28, 2015

Upgrading Car with Quikr NXT!

The new Quikr NXT feature from Quikr is really efficient and does wonders by instantly connecting buyers and sellers! In my earlier blog post about Quikr NXT, I wrote about how the new chat feature is better in terms of security and easy to deal with for both buyers and sellers. In this blog post, I detail about how I went about upgrading my old car with choices from market using the power of Quikr NXT!

First things first, I owned a hatchback which I bought nearly 5 years ago! It was perfectly fine for my needs as a bachelor. But now I found its space very limiting and also doesn't cope up well for my current needs to go on long trips. So the thought of upgrading my car was in my mind for a while. To start the process, I had to create an advertisement to sell off my current car. Generally this is where people get stuck because identifying a good price to sell a car is often a big problem but this is where Quikr's Free MSP calculator came in real handy for me to get a rough quote for my old car!

Once I got a rough idea of how much to quote for my old car, I confidently created an advertisement using Quikr! Within no time I started getting pings via Quikr NXT chat asking more details about the car. Some even asked for posting specific photographs showing backseat leg room and outside views to see the extent of dents etc. But the best part is I was not pressurized by someone standing on top of my head via phone call to get these details immediately. I could get these photographs taken and send it to them at my convenient timings. Since individual chat conversations were recorded, I could easily keep track of individual queries and the quoted discounted prices I quoted for those who showed genuine interest in buying!

Soon I managed to sell off my car for a satisfying price with which I know I don't have to put a lot of money from my hand to go for my upgrade. So with my reserve money in hand, I started looking for second hand sedan models that was under my budget in Quikr. It was such a pleasure browsing through various models at the comfort of my mobile phone rather than painfully visiting re-sellers and having trust issues with their stories.

Using Quikr NXT, I contacted a few individual sellers whose advertisement really matched my requirement. Over the day I started getting good responses for my queries. In fact I even asked a few sellers to send specific photographs for my needs for which they kindly obliged. In no time I was able to pinpoint the one which I genuinely wanted to go for. Since every chat conversation was conveniently recorded, it was very easy to go back and refer to any information that I wanted at any point of time all through out the process. It came in very handy especially during negotiations. Finally I negotiated my deal over the chat and confirmed it when the seller agreed to quote a price which was satisfactory for both. The entire process was so easy for both parties and required no multiple visits to the seller's place or repeated phone calls asking queries. We smoothly concluded the deal with one visit to the seller's place to test drive the car and handover the cheque before picking it up! Quikr NXT has made the entire process of upgrading my car look ridiculously simple!

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