Sunday, March 22, 2015

What makes me happy!

There are many simple things in life that make me happy! Starting from the simplest of the simple thing like allowing me to sleep more :) It's good to be up early in the morning to lead a healthy life but getting up early every day is kind of boring and monotonous. Nothing like those days when no one is bothering me to get up and I could sleep peacefully until I want to get up on my own :)

I like the satisfaction and happiness after an hour of workout! While I keep giving reasons to save myself from shedding some sweat, when I really push beyond the laziness and hit the gym, the happiness that I get out of it is really beyond words. Just that initial laziness needs a kick to convert the potential energy!

What's life without spending some quality time with family and friends? People of these times find it happy to hang out with friends virtually but nothing like taking time out to spend some quality time with them in reality. All those simple time pass jokes and making fun of each other can be such stress reliever and would easily put happiness on my face. Add to it cooking favorite food or barbecue stuff together, life cannot get more blissful!

I love monsoon and more so when I get an opportunity to go on a long drive with the rain lashing on my car's windshield! It's pure fun experiencing and sharing such wonderful moments with Nature! Happiness is making the best out of simple things in life, isn't it? :)

When I get to do what I love to do, I get extremely happy. While nobody is restricting me from doing what I love to do, reality is not always on our side. So I make it a point to do my favorite things as and when possible! That way I love to do photography for its ability to make me think and see this world in a totally different and creative perspective. With my camera in hand, I tend to stop more and observe things more closely. I pay attention to simplest of things which I may easily miss otherwise in this busy walk of life. Such times make me really happy for I am not racing with anyone and more importantly enjoying this vast beautiful world at my own pace!

Adventure is another thing that brings a lot of happiness to me. Experiencing the adrenaline kick is something beyond words and only those who experience it really know why people are going for the adventure! Once in a year I make it a point to go on a week-long hike in the Himalayas. To spend time in those blissful mountains and experiencing the true self is an amazing feeling. If happiness is a measure of how satisfied one is, I am extremely satisfied while on the mountains!

Last but not the least I am very happy while volunteering for social causes. Around the year, we get so many things from the society but we never give back anything in return. So whenever an opportunity comes my way to serve the society, I get very happy to experience the satisfaction of giving back to the society! :)

Written about the simple things in life that make me happy, a topic given by Coca-Cola on the International Day of Happiness :)

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