Friday, March 6, 2015

Dry baby, happy baby!

Boys are boys even if they are babies! Well, yes, that's what we concluded looking at all the mischiefs of my cousin's baby boy. He is super active, a mega-pack of energy in a tiny packet! He just cannot stop crawling from one end of the house to the other. He doesn't like anything being organized or sane at home. He cannot take anything else in the house grabbing his limelight. He should be the ONE that everyone focuses on, day in and day out!

There are a few things that make him really happy! Get him CARS, colorful little cars! How does it sound for a toddler? Put all of them in front of him and he will live in his own 'sporty' world. He will lick them, he will drag them all around the house. He will even talk to them! Who knows, they might be talking back too, in a secret language that only both of them understand! Such a close connection! My cousin can easily feed him, divert him and give him a bath, just by showing him all those colorful cars! Beat that!

Next of his favorite activity is to watch Bollywood numbers! God knows what he can connect or what he can get out of it. But oh boy! As soon as the peppy numbers start playing, he will present himself in front of the TV, the very next minute! Things doesn't end just watching those songs. He gets grooving with that cute little booty shake and laughter! One should watch his dance for Honey Singh's 'Sunny Sunny' song. Boy, Yo Yo really has some serious fan following there!

Only thing that can divert him from dancing to Bollywood numbers is 'Peekaboo'. He loves playing that game anytime! Why not? He is the one being 'most-wanted!' and he enjoys all the personal limelight he is craving all the time! He will crawl, sneak and hide himself in spaces where one will hardly expect someone to be hiding. Yes, he becomes doubly energetic and crazily happy when it comes to this game!

All this is only possible when he is tummy happy! If he is hungry, the only thing that happens is crying, hysteric crying! That's a clear signal to my cousin that his tummy isn't happy! Colorful cars or playing Bollywood peppy numbers will do the simple trick to feed him! He isn't cranky and will happily consume the food to revitalize himself for action all over again! Food is something that makes him really happy as he knows it keeps his tummy quiet and gives him power to crawl around the house without getting tired.

Last but not the least, being DRY!! This is MUST when it comes to him. He can bear with water when he is taking bath. His cars talk to him and make him understand that he is becoming clean by taking bath. But he just cannot take it when his nappy is wet. Still he hasn't learned to give clear signals when he wants to free his tummy. He will make his tummy free silently, as and when it wants to be free. Be it living room or kitchen, just doesn't matter! All signals start after things are silently done under the covers. All activity slowly draws to a close. Energy goes down. Cars don't look attractive. Bollywood songs aren't attractive anymore. My cousin has slowly learned to read these 'post-signs' and change the diaper to get him back into action! In fact, these days she uses Pampers Baby Dry Pants on him to keep him dry from inside even when he silently does his 'job'. Dryness keeps him active with his usual energy. After all why compromise on his happiness just for being wet? Now even if he does his job, his cute booty dance continues and he is at his energetic best! When baby is happy, parents are definitely happy!

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