Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kellogg's Waale Nashta!

Being in the IT industry, I often work very late in the night and get up late. Because of this most often than not I skip my breakfast. Eat a heavy portion of lunch and literally hog during dinner. Very recently, when I happened to visit a nutritionist for a check-up, things dawned on me how bad a lifestyle I was leading! After starving the body from its nutrients the whole night, when I skip my breakfast in the morning, I am literally pushing my body it to its low. Without realizing, I was giving my body a dull start to the day when it was craving for food and over feeding it when it was least expecting it!

With so many things running through the mind in the morning, eating breakfast often takes a backseat. Even after realizing the importance of breaking the fast and having the first meal of the day, somehow other tasks gain priority over having that meal. So while thinking of ways to prioritize the breakfast, it became evident that I needed to find ways to make it interesting so that I automatically look forward to having my meal. Eating idly, dosa, poori every day makes it monotonous and boring over time that we often take it for granted when we have other priority items in hand. What if we make the regular items interesting in a way we rather crave for tasting it?! :)

While discussing this idea in the office, one of our colleague Shalu Gupta enlightened us with her fantastic breakfast ideas, all made with regular cornflakes! All suggestions given by her were so unique and I couldn't wait to taste them while she was only explaining the recipes. The session turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! Making the breakfast interesting enough so that I actually look forward to eating it instead of keeping it less prioritized.

Next day she brought some of her favorite breakfast items made with Kellogg's cornflakes for us to have for breakfast. We couldn't believe, there was this yummy coconut mixed cornflakes laddu which was unbelievable!! Beating the taste was this yummy cornflakes chivda! Properly roasted cornflakes  in the perfect mix of seasoning! WOW, such are the breakfast one would just wait to wake-up anyway. The fantastic part is these are not just tasty, they are also very nutritious for the basic ingredient is cornflakes! It was not the end of it. There was also this cornflakes recipe made out of chocolate and walnut! It just blew all our minds. That followed by a tea session made me completely energetic to face the day at work! That's when I realized the importance of having the first meal of the day and how easy it is to use a simple item like cornflakes to make such interesting items for breakfast!

After that wonderful breakfast session, all of us colleagues are only asking her to invite us to a full-fledged breakfast session at her place!! Why not? when the breakfast gets so interesting anybody would want to .... ;)

Written on the topic "Why I would want to invite myself for a Nashta at Guptaji's house", provided by Kellogs. Do check out their videos here.

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