Saturday, March 14, 2015

Together in every adventure!

In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back
~ Charlie Brown

Life is a wonderful adventure which is better shared and experienced with an equally wonderful company! There are many memorable days from my numerous outdoor trips together with my wife. We have wandered out with no fixed itinerary, explored places together and definitely had many a memorable experience. The most recent memorable day was our adventurous trip to one of the islands in Thailand. We had booked it specifically to experience scuba diving in the turquoise green waters of Indian Ocean and to do some trekking in the remote part of the island!

Out of the two, Scuba diving was on her bucket list and island trekking on mine. Since the trip conveniently combined both our bucket list activity, we were very excited to complete them both. The only catch was I don't know swimming and she has not done any remote exploration before. But we were daring to face the adventure, one step at a time!

The day started with a bad weather. Bad weather means rough sea. Rough sea can make diving difficult. But then the organizers were quite confident that the weather would improve over the day. We boarded our speedboat and headed directly towards the island. First things first, sun came out slowly making things hopeful. Next the turquoise green waters of Indian Ocean started to shimmer in the daylight, taking our excitement to next level. We could spot a lot of colorful fishes swimming alongside our boat. Since I was not comfortable swimming, the organizers first took us to a place where I could practice diving in the shallow waters. We were given a short training on how to use the diving equipment and most importantly how to breathe underwater. Then we were asked to go slightly deep to spot the fishes. Since I had absolutely no knowledge of swimming, I was initially scared a bit to go deep. But my wife who knows swimming gave me my much-needed confidence at that point! We both walked a bit and suddenly we were at neck deep water. I then slowly immersed my head into the water to spot the fishes. I cannot explain in words how beautiful the underwater world looked! Holding her hands, I comfortably spent some time underwater to spot various colorful fishes. For a person who thought the turquoise green water itself is beautiful, the colorful world underneath took the experience to whole new level. Then we headed to a slightly deeper place with more underwater activity. Again with the confidence given by the organizers and wife by my side, I really enjoyed my first scuba diving activity! I can't forget how beautiful the underwater world looked and to experience it in real!!

Next we headed straight to the island to do some remote exploration. The activity involved trekking to the remote corner of the island, venturing into dark caves and climbing some limestone sections. We were prepared to face it all and had all gear handy. This time my wife totally relied on my trekking experience to give her safe company. We trekked slowly and steadily climbing to the highest section visible from the ocean and then turned right to head deep. The trek was getting tougher and tougher but then I kept to her speed and helped her do it comfortably. Later we ventured into caves, did some cave exploration and later even climbed a limestone section using ropes. Even though my wife had no prior experience doing such exploration, she totally cooperated and patiently followed all the instructions to complete all the adventure!

We enjoyed each other's company throughout the day and learned a lot about adjusting each other as and when situation demanded. We tackled different adventures using each other's experience and managed to derive a lot of fun out of it! The trip was a memorable experience and more so doubled as a beautiful guide to deal with our strengths and optimism #together!

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