Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When premium is affordable!

Looking back at my transition from purchasing my first highly-priced mobile phone to using a smartphone now, I am dazzled how the mobile phones have evolved drastically over a relatively quick span of a decade!

I still remember how excited I was when I went to buy my first mobile phone, with my very first pay cheque! Those days mobile phones were a priced possession and not everyone was lucky enough to hold one in their hands. A basic one with a colour screen and polyphonic ringtone support costed me a good ten thousand rupees! I still remember how having a mobile phone that sings a polyphonic ringtone was a zing thing those days! It stayed with me for quite long before someone decided to make it their's, costing my negligence a good 10K!
Sadly I resorted to using a keypad-based non-smart phone all these days ...

Meanwhile, technology evolved and mobile phones too evolved rapidly. Smartphones made its quick presence in the market. Thankfully a few of them became affordable but majorly the ones with rich features and good looks were trickily labelled "premium" to sell at an equally premium price. They were portrayed as a symbol of luxury more than anything based on feature set. With such a market scene, I really commend the engineers behind Moto E for their path-breaking efforts to make a smartphone with rich features and premium experience available at an affordable price of today's standards!

Now for my first smartphone experience, I #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the all new Moto E for the premium feature set it proudly boasts at a non-premium price!!

If style and show-off are today's mobile mantra, then Moto E has it easily covered with it's stylish curved backs and colorful bands that add bling and character to the overall looks!

If paying attention to details is called a premium feature that deems it expensive, then Moto E mocks at that very assumption by carrying a huge screen with qHD display fitted with Gorilla Glass, chrome finished textured buttons and elegant finish with minute details available for everyone to boast "those" premium looks!
If the performance is the ruling authority these days, then the quad-core processor will rule and make the life simple for multi-tasking with the sharp smartness of not draining the battery in that process. Talk about the meaningful need of the hour!

If setting the trend is the attention winning factor, then the new nudge-to-display notification will happily do so by removing the need to unlock the phone every time to read the notifications!

If going beyond the expectation is the key, then 4G network support will help accelerate the browsing experience way beyond the expectations to win the precious time!

If fitting the world in an ant hill is a wish, Moto E grants it effortlessly with its 32 GB expandable memory capacity :)

At this juncture where people are only keen on spending their time and money on expanding their expensive range for rich features, the engineers behind Moto E have to be really appreciated for understanding customers needs and putting their hard work to port the most sorted features of the expensive Moto X into the casually priced Moto E. Talk about the new sensor hub and dual accelerometers that play a huge role behind the innovative twist-twice-to-activate cameras for quick capture! For a photographer like me this is a huge plus that I can just twist my wrist twice to quickly activate my 5 MP camera and shoot the scene. Needless to talk about the selfie lovers who will go selfie-crazy with such a quirky feature at their disposal with the added VGA front camera! ;)

Adding to all this, the icing on the cake being the fantastic Android 5.0 Lollipop OS that is quietly sitting behind the scenes and powering the soul behind this wonderful smartphone! What's more, when all the latest Google's feature are available a simple finger touch away?

With the host of customizable functions and premium features ported down from the expensive Moto X at nearly half the price, Moto E easily wins my vote for an affordable smartphone that will make my first smartphone experience a very memorable one, without having to burn a hole in my pocket exclusively for this experience! ;)

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