Friday, May 15, 2015

Shake it for deals!

Being an Airtel postpaid and broadband customer for a long time now, I am absolutely excited about the new avatar of "My Airtel" App that is released now. In the era of mobile phones, it makes a lot of sense for having a good App that simplifies the tasks we do regularly. Since I have been using this App for some time, here are some key features that I benefit from this App in my day to day life!

Prior to having this App, few things needed specific workarounds. First of all handling payment due date reminders. I hate to miss payment deadlines and pay my dues with fines. So I have specifically set up monthly reminders in my Google Calendar to remind me of my landline and mobile bill payments. On the specific due date, I would promptly receive an email and SMS alert reminding me of my payment deadline. Now I don't need such workarounds anymore! "My Airtel" App does the job for me. With its push notifications, it promptly reminds me of my payment schedules, allowing me to pay my dues properly on time. No more missing schedules or paying fines! Such a handy little thing!

Paying mobile bills used to be such a key thing in my pre-travel checklist, especially when I know, I will not have access to a computer to clear my dues. After downloading this App, I don't have that tension anymore! With PCI-DSS certified gateway, this App guarantees safe, secure and faster mode of handling bill payments directly from the App instead of having to find a computer to access Airtel website and initiate the payments. In fact accessing the App is totally free of charge compared to accessing the web-based payment site that still accounts towards the data usage! Additionally with the new "I want to" feature, I have my frequently used features personalized and have it quickly available to me anytime I want to access them. Really serves the purpose of using an App and saves a lot of time in doing repetitive things!

Another cool feature I quite use is the real time bill tracking. Being a postpaid user, having a check on the bill is absolutely necessary. Earlier I had to go to the website every time to check my bills. Things are absolutely easy now with all my bill related information, past payment history, and data usage information accessible right from my pocket. These are the things I check the most and go to the website for. Now with information being accessible right from the mobile, it saves a lot of back and forth trips to the web site!

The new App also seems to offer a host of exciting deals specifically to the App users from time to time, by simply shaking the phone with the App window. This is definitely encouraging and a good reason for anybody to continue using the App! Though there are lot of deals presently for customers using prepaid network services, I hope things will extend for postpaid customers too in the future!!

So when things are made to make our life simple, why not? Did you download the App yet? :)

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