Thursday, May 7, 2015

What the buzz?

The legendary Indian Cricketer Kapil Dev made a lot of news around Indian Cricket League but after his resigning from ICL in 2012, he kept it really low and there was absolutely no news from him. But as they say one cannot hide the sun with the palm, the star is back with a bang!! He recently joined the micro-blogging site Twitter and from then on he is making huge waves among people with a coded announcement about a new league which he terms '#EkNayiLeague'! The topic has been trending on Twitter of late with everyone trying to make guesses about what this league could be!! Of course, coming directly from the champ, curiosity among people is very much expected! Interestingly enough, there is also a website that has been launched for this campaign and is offering a prize money of one lakh for those guessing about it correctly! Now that's a lot of money and a lot of buzzing!!

From the videos posted on the website, Kapil seems to point out very clearly that it is not something to be played with the heart but with one's mind! It clearly indicates this is something to do with the intellect of the person and not playing blindly based on passion alone. Generally in any sport, one has to play with a lot of passion for winning it. But the way he clearly indicates to top people like Dhoni, Sania and Kapil, he clearly intends it takes a lot beyond passion but talent using one's mind to emerge as a winner in this league! Thinking of options, one such could be playing with money perhaps? Where people don't just go by their blind instincts or passion but really use their mind and invest a lot of time to understand things before investing. That way I think this league could be something to do with stock trading or playing with cash tools or investments!

It would be interesting if it is anything to do with trading like I guessed because this would be the first time there is a public call for playing with financial instruments. Not many are into stock trading or risk investments. Even people who earn a lot just resort to saving their money silently instead of getting into trading for its associated risks. But I am sure people would be interested if tricks of the trade are taught to people before getting on the ground to play.

And again since Kapil has involved victorious people from different platforms in his videos, it gives a sort of clue that this game is not involving a specific group of people but is going to be diversified with people from different platforms competing against each other using their knowledge in the field! Whatever be the case whether it is going to be a real-time financial quiz or playing with the real money to win more, it is definitely interesting and one of a kind to throw positive light on the trading market. After all, it is who risks more always wins more! What do you think about all this? :)

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