Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey diet, healthy diet!

Health is wealth. We all have heard it right from our school days. That is right! A healthy body is 80% healthy food and 20% workout. Since the major portion of a healthy body is to do with having a healthy food, it is essential that we follow a proper meal plan.

Eating healthy food helps to keep out so many health problems. A well-balanced diet includes a meal for filling our body's nutritional needs like a variety of natural fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. There are also many benefits to having honey in the meal. Having a honey diet in our food can be a baby step towards a healthy body!

Consumption of regular healthy food in our diet has a lot of benefits like:

  • It helps to stay healthy and fit - Eating good food along with regular exercise can help us avoid weight gain and leave us being fit and healthy.
  • Makes us more energetic - When you eliminate processed and sugary foods from our diet and replace it with healthy food, we automatically tend to feel less lethargic and have more energy, confidence and enthusiasm to tackle our day!
  • Boosts our metabolism - A combination of the healthy balanced meal along with the commitment to including physical activity in our lifestyle leads to improved digestion and our metabolism is certainly boosted.
  • Best of all it helps to control unnecessary weight gain and keeps us away from many health complications!

Today's fast paced world makes us lead sedentary lifestyles. We are attracted towards anything that is fast and we are tempted towards fast results. We choose the fast food than cooking our own meal. We easily tend to skip meals due to work pressure and tend to hog on available food. During the month of summer, we love to have chilled soda than water! All these fast food are filled with processed sugars which can easily make us unhealthy. Constantly consuming these foods will lead to weight gain and unnecessary health issues. People then immediately look for crash diet for quick ways to lose the excessive weight. We all love finding shortcuts to success and are very much attracted towards these. But what we fail to realize is that these diets come along with so many disadvantages and health issues associated. Prolonged consumption of these diets is very dangerous for life. Some of the disadvantages of crash diet are:

  • Deprives us of important nutrition
  • These diets keep us restricted and we tend to crave for food all the time
  • They offer fast results which are only temporary!
  • It slows down our metabolism.
  • It increases our stress levels
  • Leave us with constant mood swings

Additionally there is much research proving to stay away from crash dieting and choose the healthy way for losing weight. 95% of people who start a crash diet end up gaining the weight back that they lost within two years. Instead of starting a diet or trying to starve oneself or thinking it's a temporary thing, we need to create healthy habits and make healthy eating a lifestyle change. So although it will take time and be hard, having a balanced diet is more beneficial than the compromises of having a crash diet!

Traditionally honey had been part of the meal in the olden days but these days we seem to be missing the point and fail to see its benefits big time! There are many honey based daily food that we can include in our meal for a healthy life. For more details, please check here -


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