Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - to cruise the information highway!

Really gone are those days when people used a slow dial-up network via their landline phones to access the Internet. I still remember how it used to take forever to download a mere 2MB song during those times! Text chatting was the only option for voice chatting had worse latency period compared to STD line of those times. In fact, just half a decade ago I used to download all my favorite songs to my hard disk to listen continuously, as streaming was never a good option. Watching videos over the internet meant watching the annoying progress bar rotate more compared to the actual video, and that, required a lot of patience!

Today the world is moving in a hyper-fast information highway. No one has time or patience for anything that is slow! Also, the number of devices that connect to the Internet has increased manifold in a short period of time. The amount of information on the Internet is growing rapidly and there is a growing need for more speed to access such volume of information on the move.

Airtel as a telecom service provider has been a front-runner in this domain and has been providing great Internet connectivity over years. In the times when 2G network is no more 'satisfying' and 3G has been providing great connectivity and groundbreaking improvements in the way we connect and share information, Airtel has gone ahead of the lot to launch 4G services in the country! With the Internet speeds that are 10 times faster than 3G, now the world can access information at up to 12 Mbps speed while on the go!! This is unbelievable at a time when people are still using much slower Internet speeds via the broadband connection.

Access to such high-speed Internet will open up a lot of new avenues for accessing information on the go! As a traveler, I can do a lot of research on the places I travel right from my mobile! With pages loading instantly, I will have access to the data instantly. Accessing maps for direction will be faster and precise. No more carrying bulky books and tourist guides for this purpose. I don't have to think twice before uploading a bulk of my travel photographs to the cloud, worrying how much time it would take. With incredible speeds offered by 4G, it should complete ridiculously in no time. I will not download a song anymore to my hard disk for I can stream very high-quality songs without streaming woes. No more downloading a video or movie and painfully transferring that to a mobile for watching later during the commute. I can watch my favorite TV shows or movie as I like, at any time I want! I can stream the ones I want directly from the Internet in nothing less than HD quality and enjoy my commute happily! With more and more cloud-based services in operation today, I don't have to invest in more hard disk capacity. Rather I will put all my stuff on the cloud and access them anytime anywhere, as speed is not a concern anymore!

Thanks to such incredible speed that 4G offers, the world will now comfortably move towards accessing information anywhere anytime, instead of waiting in front of a loading page!

With Airtel offering the 4G data at the cost of 3G, there is absolutely no point thinking when to make the switch. After all nobody wants to lag behind when the world is moving ahead in the jet speed! I already got my invite to go the 4G way, did you? :)

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